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Draft Water Action Plan Archives

Proposal to Address State Review, Charter Signatory Yellow Cards & 30-Day Public Review of 12-15-21 Draft Plan

Track Changes 4-20-22 Draft Plan | Path Forward Required Changes Proposal

State Review Feedback Documents on 12-15-21 Draft Plan

Plan Review Team Response Letter | Plan Strengths | Required Improvements for State Recognition | Considerations for Implementation

30-Day Public Review Compiled Anonymous Feedback on 12-15-21 Draft Plan (7January - 8 February 2022)

word version or pdf version

Charter Signatory Meeting to Discuss Outcomes of 3-Week Consensus Check to Submit Draft Plan for State Agency Review & Public Review (15 December 2021) - 12-15-21 Version of Draft Plan Was Submitted to State Plan Review Team for 60-Day State Review Process

PowerPoint Presentation | Meeting Recording | Meeting Attendance | Chat Box Comments from Meeting | Meeting Notes | Track Changes Version of 12-15-21 Draft Mid-Coast Water Action Plan | Clean Pdf of 12-15-21 Draft Mid-Coast Water Action Plan

Charter Signatory Meeting to Finish Consultant Contract & Incorporate Outcomes of 9/28 Post Webinar Survey (18 November 2021)

Recording 1 - Wrap up consultant deliverables | Recording 2 - Go over results of 9/28 post webinar survey, incorporate edits to draft plan & go over state recognition of the draft plan | Post webinar survey compiled results | Powerpoint from 11/18/21 Charter Signatory Meeting

Draft with Round 3 Edits Incorporated.pdf (25 September 2021)

Cover Page

Pages 2-3

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

The Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership

Environment, Natural Resources, and Economy of Oregon's Mid-Coast

Water Uses and Needs in the Mid-Coast

Action Plan Guide and Implementation Tables

Appendices: (Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, Appendix D (to be completed in October), Appendix E, Appendix F, Appendix G (consultants created a short video instead of this appendix), Appendix HAppendix I, Appendix J)

Round 3 Edits by Submission - Received 22 September 2021

Wild Salmon Center (Caylin Barter)

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (David Waltz)

Oregon Water Resources Department (Harmony Burright)

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and letter (Danette Faucera)

Older Versions of Action Plan

Water Action Plan DRAFT (8 September 2021)

Water Action Plan (3 September 2021) | Water Action Plan - tracked changes version (3 September 2021)

Draft Water Action Plan (18 August 2021)

Draft Water Action Plan (27 July 2021)

Round 2 Edits By Submission

McKenzie River Trust (Margaret Treadwell)

Citizen (Cyndi Karp)

City of Newport (Chris Janigo)

Department of Environmental Quality (document 1) (document 2) (David Waltz)

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (Danette Faucera)

Oregon Water Resources Department (Harmony Burright)

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