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Mid-Coast Water Action Plan

The final version of the Mid-Coast Water Action Plan can be viewed and or downloaded as a .pdf by clicking on the image. 

You may also access individual sections of the Mid-Coast Water Action Plan below (need to be updated to reflect May 2022 plan page numbers)

Cover Page

Table of Contents

List of Tables and List of Figures


Executive Summary

The Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership

Environment, Natural Resources, and Economy of Oregon's Mid-Coast

Water Uses and Needs in the Mid-Coast

Action Plan Development

Overview of Strategic Action Imperatives

Action Oriented Imperatives

Performance Metrics and Implementing the Water Action Plan

Anatomy of the Mid-Coast Water Action Plan Implementation Table

Implementation Table (includes all 8 imperatives)

Imperative 1. Public Awareness and Support

Imperative 2. Regional Capacity and Collaboration

Imperative 3. Monitoring and Data Sharing

Imperative 4. Water Conservation, Efficiency, and Reuse

Imperative 5. Resilient Water Infrastructure

Imperative 6. Source Water Protection

Imperative 7. Planning for Water Supply Development Needs

Imperative 8. Ecosystem Protection and Enhancement

Literature Cited


Appendix A. Definitions

Appendix B. Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership Step Products, Process and Participants

Appendix C. Oregon Explorer Report Hyperlinks and Spatial Data Gaps

Appendix D. Crosswalk of the Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership Plan Actions with Other Important Regional Conservation Initiatives

Appendix E. Water Providers by Population Served and Connections

Appendix F. Issues Identified During Collaborative Planning But Not Carried Forward

Appendix G. Oregon's Mid-Coast Estuaries

Appendix H. ODFW Comments Regarding the Draft Action Plan and Instream Demand

Appendix I. Water Use and Availability by Sub-Area

Appendix J. State Plan Review Team Feedback, Feedback from Charter Signatories, Compiled 30-Day Public Review Feedback that Informed the May 2022 Version

Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership Water Action Plan May 2022.jpg
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