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Guiding Principles from Our Charter

Guiding Principles/Shared Values from the Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership Charter


Identifies the key principles, or values, that will guide how the members work together as a partnership.

The following principles guide how we will work together:

  • Partnership. We recognize different perspectives and seek common ground to develop strategies that meet our collective needs.

  • Transparency. We create an inclusive process to openly share information and interests, invite curiosity, and encourage dialogue.

  • Innovation. We bring our best ideas and information to the table and explore innovative, out-of-the-box solutions.

  • Commitment. We act in good faith to support the success of the Partnership in developing strategies that are in the best interests of the region.

  • Flexibility. We are open to new ideas and approaches that will adapt our process or approach to fit the needs of the Partners.

  • Action. We seek practical near-term actions as well as longer term strategies consistent with our goals.

  • Clarity. We commit to expressing all of our findings in the simplest and clearest form possible.

To view the full Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership Charter click here

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