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Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership Partners

Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership Conveners:

Adam Denlinger, Seal Rock Water District



Coordinating Committee Members:

Adam Denlinger, Seal Rock Water District

Alan Fujishin, Gibson Farms

Alyssa Mucken, Oregon Water Resources Department

Billie Jo Smith, Lincoln County Water Systems Alliance

David Rupp, Oregon State University

Henry Pitts, Oregon State University Student

Mike Broili, MidCoast Watersheds Council

Steve Parrett, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Partnership Member Organization Websites
Participant List

Click the Participant List link above to see a spreadsheet showing the list of Charter signatories, Coordinating Committee members, and individuals who have participated in the Prioritization Work Group. 

For member contact information, please contact Suzanne de Szoeke at

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