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Mission, Vision, and Goals



The purpose of the Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership is to develop an inclusive community forum that examines water use in the region, identifies current and potential water challenges, and creates a unified plan to balance water needs.



Regional partners ensuring balanced water resources for the environment, the economy, and coastal communities.



Work collaboratively to develop an Integrated Water Resources Plan for the Mid-Coast Region:

  • Develop a sustainable water supply for consumptive uses that also protects the environment, supports healthy watersheds, and is resilient to climate change stressors and natural hazards.

  • Balance the needs of our ecosystems, our economies, and our communities.

  • Develop cross-boundary solutions that help neighbors work together to achieve additive effects.

  • Develop and implement integrated regional water management strategies for improved water quality and quantity as well as provide fair access.

  • Increase awareness about regional water needs, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Improve the resilience of water management infrastructure by identifying emergency water sources and taking steps to access those water resources when needed, and repair water system infrastructure.


Siletz River.

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