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Project Contractors 

Partnership Planning Coordinator

The Partnership Planning Coordinator performs project coordination, engaging and coordinating diverse partners, facilitating peer-to-peer learning opportunities, managing schedules and deliverables, overseeing essential communication, organizing public events, grants reporting and management, connecting partners to technical information and resources, draft plan management and updates, and coordinating the work of consultants in overall support of the water planning process.

Our Partnership Planning Coordinator is Alexandria Scott, who is a Lincoln City local with a passion for water quality and the Mid-Coast region. She is an Oregon State University graduate with a background working with local stakeholders which include but are not limited to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Hatfield Marine Science Center and Devils Lake Water Improvement District. Alexandria came on board in August of 2019 as an employee with the City of Newport. In July of 2020, she started her own consulting business (Lure & Ivy Consulting Services) and was hired by the Seal Rock Water District when the Partnership underwent its fiscal agent transition. She has served as the main point of contact and sole staff member for the Partnership and will continue to be until June 1st, 2022. Alexandria is relocating to the Portland area and will be looking to take her experience in collaborative water work to other areas of the state to help secure a more secure and sustainable water future for all of Oregon. 

Integrated Water Management Plan Development Team

The Integrated Water Management Plan Development Team was composed of Lisa DeBruyckere (Creative Resource Strategies, LLC), Sam Chan (Oregon Sea Grant), Derek Godwin (Oregon State University Extension), Marc Rempel (Oregon State University Libraries and Press), Lisa Gaines, Janine Salwasser, Myrica McCune and Tyson Schoepflin (Institute for Natural Resources) partnered together to do collaborative and participatory process design, strategic group facilitation, and strategic plan writing for the Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership from July 2020 to December 2021. This team created the 12/15/21 version of the draft Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership Water Action Plan as well and earlier versions of the plan which can be viewed in the Draft Water Action Plan Archives section of our website. 

Point of Contact: Lisa DeBruyckere 


*Versions of the plan after 12/15/21 will be updated by Mid-Coast Water Partners not this project team

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